Tom 's Mistress Myrtle, By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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Chapter two introduces the audience to Tom’s mistress Myrtle, who lives on the outskirt of West Egg in a ‘desolate area of land’. Fitzgerald illustrates Myrtle as a flat character, as her experiences such as Tom’s physical violence towards her do not impact her choices to stay with him, as she continues to be enchanted by the extravagance of Tom’s lifestyle; something she deeply desires to share with him. It is at this point Nick’s description influences our preconception of Myrtle, as woman of low social standing and therefore holding no purpose in the eyes of society. It is evident upon our first encounter with her that she views Tom as form of escapism from her bleak life, as soon as Tom comes into view she walked ‘through her husband as if he were a ghost’. This suggests as tom holds the key to bring her social status up, and this is something her husband cannot provide her with, Myrtle is disinterested in the ‘spiritless’ man she married.
As the chapter develops into Myrtles party, Nick’s comments on her body language such as her ‘despair at the shiftless of the lower orders’ become almost expected of her. As Myrtle becomes wrapped up in the temporary luxury lifestyle, she purposely forgets her the reality of her life back at home; that she is one of ‘these people’ that she categorises as incompetent. However this snobbish attitude is rejected by the reader as she portrays herself as a materialist, who is only concerned with the way with the way people perceive her. In…

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