Essay about Tom Sawyer And Huckleberry Finn

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Mark Twain became famous later in his life, a sarcastic American icon in a white suit and a love for cigars, author of such timeless classics as Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. He lived during an epic turning point in American Literature, during the Realistic period. He changed the course of literature and according to Ernest Hemingway, is said to have been the author of the first American book. Known in his day for speaking at conventions, writing travel articles, and such sayings as: “Be good and you will be lonesome”, or “Man is the only animal who blushes, or needs to” (Fleischman 4) He came far in his life, from a barefoot Missouri farm boy to one of the greatest wits and household names America has produced. Mark Twain was born Samuel Langhorne Clemens. The name change provides another layer to the often skewed record of Twain’s life, and reasons abound. Some say that it was due to his deserting the Confederate service a few weeks into the Civil War. In any case, Sammy was born in the town of Florida, Missouri, to Jane and John Clemens, on November 30, 1835. He was born when Halley’s Comet passed the earth. Samuel himself firmly believed that he would not die until Halley’s Comet circled the earth again. His mother believed that those who were meant to be hung were safe in the water, which was why she never became concerned about her son drowning. Sammy proved to be right. At four years old, the family moved to Hannibal, Missouri. This move proved to be quite…

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