Tom Robinson, A Black Man Convicted For The Rape Of Mayella Ewell. Atticus Finch

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Tom Robinson; Convicted Rapist declared guilty after heated trial.

Hundreds of Maycomb residents assembled in a courtroom earlier today to watch the testifications against Tom Robinson, a black man convicted for the rape of Mayella Ewell. Atticus Finch, the lawyer of Tom Robinson thoroughly questioned the prosecutors and the defendant in an attempt to assemble common ground from the various versions of the events of November, 21. Maycomb’s Sheriff, Heck Tate was the first person called to the stand to share his testimony, he stated that he was fetched by Mayella’s father on the night of November, 21. He was informed by Mr. Ewell that his daughter was raped by a black man, a beat up Mayella was found at the scene lying on the ground by Heck Tate upon arrival. He stated that no doctors were summoned to the scene as requested from Bob Ewell, then provided crucial facts about her injuries. After Atticus continuously questioned him to ensure his responses were correct, Tate confirmed that she had bruises on her arm, finger marks on her gullet, and a black eye coming on her right eye.

Bob ewell, the father of Mayella appeared before the court shortly after Heck, “I was coming in from the woods with a load of kindling, and just as I got to the fence I heard Mayella screaming,” Mr. Ewell told the court. Bob pointed directly at Tom Robinson, claiming that he was the black man that he saw through the window, later confirming that he crossed paths with him as Tom escaped from…

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