Tom Piazza 's Technique Analysis Essay

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Tom Piazza’s Technique This essay is a precise and concise examination of Tom Piazza’s technique in Chapter 13. I will explain why his view point shifts from a ground level point of view to an omniscient unlimited point of view as he begins to describe the scenery of the Dome and the why he states “you cant construct a sequential narrative; the parts don’t fit together” (2435 of 5862,Chapter 13). Throughout the narrative, Tom Piazza switches views to show how Hurricane Katrina affected everyone no matter you are race, gender, social economic status (SES) group. Chapter 13 takes place around the Convention Center, “a large modern complex just uptown from the French Quarter” just up the Mississippi River. The Convention Center was used to house those who could not evacuate but due to the overflow of people and lack of supplies at the Superdome. Piazza described the Superdome as a “center point of civic pride”. Piazza then goes on to describing the area where the Superdome is now, telling the readers about the history that was paved over to make parking lots, then switched back over to the current scene in front of Sj watching people camp in the seats, hallways, media boxes. Piazza states “The atmosphere on Sunday was tense, as it always is before a large storm.” To show that New Orleans believed that Hurricane Katrina would be as bad as the worst of the new predictions, but no one was expecting half the roof to blow off on that Monday. The faculty and staff was…

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