Process Of Acting Essay

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Tom Hiddleston and The Process of Acting Acting is a very specific form of expression, it requires lots training, some natural talent for being in front of the camera, the ability to understand how the business works, and it also requires you to be able to submerge yourself into the character you need to play entirely. Acting is a profession that can’t always guarantee a paycheck or even a job. Acting’s process is an extensive one but doing a show and looking out to the audience is a bigger reward than anything else. Acting is all about feeling and psychological abilities, acting does take it’s toll, if you don’t know how to differentiate from the character and yourself. I am going to be focusing on a specific actor in this paper and that …show more content…
For a musical you need to have skill in sing, and dancing and act, or at least have the capacity to learn. Whereas in a dramatic play you would need to know how to act, singing and dancing might not be as important for that genre. For musical theatre actors a mentor is one of the best ways to develop your skills, they are one of the most vital tools to further your talent. Singing lessons and dance lessons would be a bulk of your training along with acting. For dramatic plays more vocal lessons and acting lessons are required. You can get training for all types of plays in college courses, even in a secondary education school, also you can get this type of training studying under another actor. There are programs where you can learn straight from a fellow actor. It depends on how you learn best. Let’s say I was aspiring to be an actor, I had just found a role on a casting call website; “Casting "Gruff!," an interactive hybrid of musical theater, puppetry, clown and physical theater for family audiences with a message of radical sustainability.” I believe I should go for this audition because it seems like I could excel in this type of production, I like to make people laugh, I love physical humor, to be loud and I love to sing and this is a musical type play. It fits what I am good at and I excel

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