Tom Brady : A Nfl Quarterback Essay

1299 Words Sep 29th, 2016 6 Pages
When compiling a list of the all-time great quarterbacks in the National Football League one may mention names such as Joe Montana, Dan Morino, Peyton Manning, John Elway, or Otto Graham. Due to the controversy surrounding his team and his play in the past decade some may decide to leave a name off of this list. This name is Tom Brady. While it is certainly reasonable to question his spot in history because of this controversy, what is undeniable is Brady’s remarkable skills at the quarterback position. To many these skills would include arm strength, accuracy, and athleticism. However, as a lifelong Patriots fan, I can confidently say The Comeback Kid’s abilities span far beyond these simple measurables. Tom Brady is a legendary NFL quarterback because he is the ultimate competitor, he makes the players around him better, and he has had long lasting success. To be considered a great quarterback in the National Football League one must not only have a tremendous amount of talent, but the competitive drive to harness that talent and play above the expectations set upon them. When discussing the greatest competitors in NFL history the name that resonates above all is New England’s very own, Tom Brady. Number twelve has been competing for a spot on the field ever since his days at the University of Michigan. For two years Brady worked his way up a dense depth chart. When he was afforded the chance the future superstar took advantage of his opportunity. When talking about…

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