Essay about Tolkien 's View On Nature

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Tolkien’s View on Nature

(Intro) When reading “Lord of the Rings” by JRR Tolkien it because evident to me very quickly he concerned with human’s role in nature. Tolkien has a strong love of nature and through his very descriptive world of Middle Earth he points out the importance of protecting nature. Tolkien does an amazing job making you feel like you are in the world of Middle-earth. Because he describes in such detail and creates a whole world from scratch you know how interested he is nature. The main theme of Lord of the Rings is that nature is something we need to live in harmony with, protect and not destroy. What is interesting is how Tolkien had these views so many years ago. One could argue we have only gotten worse at taking care of mother nature. Tolkien was concerned about Industrial Cities expanding into the rural areas of England and can’t help but think about how that had a major impact in his writings.

Tolkien created such a complex and beautiful world in Middle-earth it 's hard not to appreciate it. He created details about everything from the stars, sun, moon, and geology. He even goes into great detail about the plants in different regions of middle earth. Tolkien readers feel like they have been there before. He was describing a place that was equally beautiful as our world. After reading about Middle-earth you can’t help to want to explore our world much like the characters from Lord of the Rings. The more people explore and appreciate…

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