Toleration In Tosher's Fall Of The House Of Usher

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Although everyone has a different level of toleration, fear is something everyone has. Many things can cause fear, including imagination. People see imagination as something joyful or magical. This is mainly the case, but every now and then imagination can be a bad thing and can overcome reality. Imagination can create illusions that lead to a life of paranoia and anxiety as well as a life of happiness. These illusions can affect the way we think and act, making it seem as though we are in that illusion. For example, in “Fall of the House of Usher”, Usher’s mind had been filled with depressing thoughts. This reflects on the way he lived by affecting the way he takes care of not only himself, but his house as well.
People react to fear in different ways. We see this when Usher endures his fear, eventually being consumed by it, in “Fall of the House of Usher” and when the siblings flee parts of their house, until they are chased out entirely, in “House Taken Over”. However, both of these stories show a perfect example showing how our fears could overcome our reality. Starting with “House Taken Over”, the story starts
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When there is a stimulus, such as a sound or movement, your brain sends sensory data to the thalamus. The thalamus, not knowing if itś dangerous or not, sends the information to the amygdala. The amygdala receives the information and takes action to protect you, resulting in fight-or-flight. The long process transports the information from the stimulus to the thalamus. The thalamus then takes this information to the sensory cortex, where it is interpreted for meaning and the sensory cortex tries to find possible sources for the stimulus. The gathered information is sent to the hippocampus, where questions are asked about the stimulus, such as, “Ḧave I seen or heard this before?” If the hippocampus doesn’t sense any danger, the information will be sent to the amygdala, turning off the fight-or-flight

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