Nt1310 Unit 7

1. What provides the physical connection between workstations on the network? The cables/wires and network interface card (NIC) provide the physical connection between work stations on the network.

2. What directs the flow of data over the network? A switch/hub/router directs the flow of data over the network.

3. What are the three functions of network software?
The three functions of the network software are:
To make sure that the information is addressed properly.
To organise information into packets (a series of messages that a file is broken down into) on the sending workstation and putting the packets back to make a file on the receiving workstation.
To check that each packet reaches the designated workstation.
4. What are the
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The token in a token ring network is used to prevent collision as no device can transmit data without the token. When the token is available to the workstation, it attaches the data to the token and the token then carries the data to its designated location.

14. How do workstations know that a message can be sent in a token ring network?
When the sending device removes the message from the token, it changes the signal to indicate that the token is available and then sends the token along the network. Through this message, the workstations know that a message can now be sent.

15. How does a network card determine that a message is meant for a particular device?
Each packet of data that is sent, contains the unique IP address of the workstation that the data is meant for. The network card identifies the workstation using the IP address and sends the packet to the designated computeréworkstation.

16. After a message has been read, what happens to the token and the message? After a message has been read, the receiving workstation removes the message from the token and then it sends a signal along the network that the token is available. After this message has been sent, the token is sent along the

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