Toddlers Development Essay

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The first few years of a child’s life are the most important for development cognitively, emotionally, socially and physically. The key aspects of development that will be address in this essay are toddlerhood, from the age 1-3 years old.

When assessing the needs of a young child in the toddlerhood age of development it is imperial to take into account cognitive and physical milestones. It is at this age that the child is still striving to make sense of the world around them.
- Unable to see the world from a perspective yet, need to explore to develop a cognitive development
- Interaction between other children for prime brain development
- Not enough nurture may develop stress and anxiety’s in life further on ( as they grow older)
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For example a child who bites or hits another is seen as angry so the primary caregiver can say, now instead of being mad what do you need to say instead to get the toy that you desire.
With the recognition of feelings and emotions the toddlers are able to express feelings without harming others. They are able to identify that no isn’t always bad. It is thought that how a toddler is able to understand, recognize and cope with their feelings is setting them up for latter in life on how to deal with emotion regulation then. For example a toddler who may have had a traumatic upbringing may find it hard to regulate or identify with the emotions that they are feeling and this can cause turmoil in future relationships as growing older.
One of the most common emotional aspects of toddlers would relate to is a tantrum. Symptoms of tantrums are uncontrollable behaviors, crying, yelling, jumping around, stamping feet . The causes of tantrums can be from feeling overwhelmed, angry, frustrated or anxious and for the struggle for independence.

Some relevant issues or disruptions to a toddler’s family could include, introduction of another siblings. This can cause an extra anxiety on the young toddler.

Observation of a child at the ages of 1-3 years old is very Assessment of a child is a great way to provide feedback about the child’s progress over a period of time to the primary caregiver or parent. This can be done through

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