Today 's Society And Puritan Society Essay example

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Imagine two societies: today’s society and Puritan society. In today’s society, people are exposed and accepting of diverse races, religions, political stances, etcetera, but in Puritan society, people weren’t approving or open to the concepts we uphold today. One facet (the way people view others decisions) of these societies can demonstrate how diverse each society is. How could these two societies have any relationship towards one another? Simply, the singular facet that differs these two societies, also links them in similar ways. Both today’s society and Puritan’s society, can be compared through the way they view crimes, the way they determine when to shame people, and the way the shaming is handled. Today’s society and Puritan’s society view crimes in similar ways. If there was one thing both societies could agree on, it would be that crimes are horrendous, they are ignominious, and they shouldn’t be enacted. Today, we view crimes similarly to the way crimes were viewed in Puritan times, because they are horrible acts of injustice. Any decent human being, can agree that violating laws isn’t acceptable. In both societies, we view the disgrace that enacting a crime ensures. Enacting a crime shows ones disgrace for the law, and without the law we wouldn’t be civilized. Being civilized is what helps any group of people survive, and in order to survive these crimes shouldn’t be enacted. Nobody wants people to commit crimes, because it will affect them in some way,…

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