Today 's Global Sports Industry Essay

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Today’s global sports industry is worth between a whopping $480 and $620 billion dollars. (Collignon et al. 2011) This includes everything from infrastructure construction, licensed products, sporting goods, and live sports events, furthermore the United States alone brings in over $23 million dollars yearly just in gate, media, and sponsorship revenues. Athletes are used to promote and help sell just about any type of product or service in our society. Professional athletes are some of the most recognizable people all over the world, and companies are aware of this and take full advantage of their marketability.
Movies promote the ideology that athletes are almost “gods” and are something everyone should try to be. In an article written by Katie Covell, entailing the negative effects of sport in society and the most influential thing that athletes place on society is often times greed and selfishness. “They demand more and more money from their club, or team. These athletes that people idolize have set terrible examples for people. It is diminishing the morals and traditions of sports” (Covell, 2011 pg. 3). These athletes tend to become narrow minded and worry about their sport and performance more than their family life, friends, or even their own well being. Sports constantly get promoted as ways to introduce life values and promote an individual 's character, but does society as a whole push sports too much? Kids that are unathletic or show no interest in sports are…

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