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About us
Westford security services Limited is a security firm whose core business is to provide customers with security solutions in an efficient and cost effective way, and this is achieved through partnerships with our clients, thus allowing them to concentrate on their core business without compromising their security.
We are experts in assessment and management of security and safety risks for individuals, businesses, Government agencies, buildings, infrastructure, materials, valuables, people and society.
With increased cases of insecurity the need to protect your family or business is increasingly necessary .Westford continuously challenges the status quo by innovating and pioneering security solutions ,
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We have security solutions to cater for every industry sector.
With increased cases of insecurity in the country and the world at large the need to protect your family has become paramount. We have developed a wide range of security solutions that provide peace of mind, security and comfort to home owners and their families.
These solutions include security guards trained in first aid, fire safety, emergency rescue, road rescue, alarms, technology based and remote automated home surveillance systems.
Our manufacturing and industrial solutions include risk assessment and loss prevention through elimination and reduction of stock and inventory loss, sophisticated security technology systems, security and support staff with intensive training in emergency rescue, health, safety, fraud, investigation and security management.
Retail Sector
Due to the large numbers that frequent these outlets, Westford has developed security solutions that specifically addresses the security concerns of the sector as well as those of their diverse clientele.
The solutions range from intensively trained officers in safety and security management, loss prevention ,fire safety, emergency rescue ,alarms and hi-tech safety and security systems to mitigate and ensure quick response to present day security threats.
Leisure and Tourism
We have developed a range of tailor made

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