The Effects Of Tobacco On The Human Body

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People should be educated on what chemicals are being ingested into their bodies and what side effects may they cause. Tobacco is a nicotine-rich product that is addictive when used. Healthy People (2016) states the usage of tobacco can cause cancer in multiple organs of the human body such as lung, liver, and esophagus. It also can cause heart disease and strokes, lung disease, and reproductive effects to an unborn fetus. The user who is using a tobacco product can cause health related illnesses to the people around them. Secondhand smoke can cause heart disease, strokes in adults, and lung cancer. Children and infants exposed to secondhand smoke are at risk for asthma attacks, ear infections, respiratory infections, and sudden infant death syndrome. Secondhand smoke has caused 2.5 million deaths. Not all tobacco products produce smoke; smokeless tobacco products can cause oral health problems including cancer, tooth loss, and periodontitis. Tobacco can cause many types of cancer and disease, yet they can all be prevented.
The United States has the largest tobacco related deaths. 480,000 Americans die each year from tobacco caused illnesses. Each death can be prevented. According to Healthy People (2016) research has been done to see what strategies would be effective to end
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The 2014 guide helps states establish and plan an effective tobacco control program. The program is to prevent and reduce the use of tobacco items. To prevent and reduce the use of tobacco products, the guide lists ways to implement interventions that are proven to be effective. It also goes into the amount of investment a state needs to make in order to reach the goal of reducing tobacco use in that state. Another evidence based topic is one relating to treating tobacco use and dependence. The guideline has strategies designed to assist

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