Tobacco Smoking Vs. Cigarette Smoking Essay

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Hookah Smoking Vs. Cigarette Smoking
Although the majority of people often think that hookah smoking is less dangerous compared to cigarette smoking, they all tend to have similar negative effects on the body. That is, Hookah smoking delivers nicotine in the same manner as cigarette smoking. Subsequently, hookah smokers are at a high risk of suffering from the same diseases as cigarette smokers such as lung cancer, oral cancer, decreased fertility, stomach cancer, and reduced lung function among others. As such, this paper will summarize and critically analyze different articles regarding the effects of these two kinds of smoking on individual 's life. It will explore researchers view regarding hookah and cigarette smoking on individuals’ health.
The first article entitled Dangers of Hookah Smoking asserts that hookah smoking has similar detrimental effects as cigarette smoking. The majority of youth and college students often engage in it with the idea that it has less detrimental effects compared to cigarette smoking. Nonetheless, the reality is that diseases associated with cigarette smoking are the same ones linked to hookah smoking. The article also points out that according to one of the investigations carried out by Center for Disease Control, most hookah smokers have the belief that hookah contains fewer menaces of tobacco-related diseases (Center for Disease Control and Prevention). Nevertheless, this is not often the case because most hookah smoking has similar…

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