Tobacco Smoking Is The Most Important Issue Essay

1210 Words Dec 8th, 2015 null Page
Tobacco smoking is one of the most important issue because it’s harming a large part of community in every country around the globe. According to recent studies, tobacco smoking is more than 480,000 people in United States every year which is greater than the combined death rate resulted in AIDS, alcohol, vehicle accidents and suicide. It has also been proved that death of 57% of males and 50% of females are due to smoking. Smoking is basically a practice of inhaling the tobacco smoke which will affect your body organs like lungs, stomach and skin cells and with the passage of time, it harms in a very bad way. It also cause many psychological problems for not only the smoker but his family and also disturbs his social position in the society. Another serious effect of smoking has been recorded that it increases the mortality rate all over the world and has been counted as the major reason of this phenomena (Shavelle, Paculdo, and Kush). Smoking is a habit which is common in young people but old and adults also practice this phenomena and a large part of human population all over the word is getting effected by smoking. It has now become a global issue because millions of people are dying and getting serious health issues due to cigarette smoking.
There are multiple kinds of smokers and the reasons of smoking also vary individual to individual. Smoking has also become a global trend especially in young people and they adopt this practice due to peer pressure as they think…

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