Tobacco Free Smoking Should Be Banned Essay example

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“Tobacco Free”
“Tobacco free.” We see these words in many schools, colleges, restaurants and some public places as a policy towards tobacco. Despite this policy, many people still smoke cigarette, even in the above places where smoking is prohibited. For example, a number of students smoke cigarette, inside tobacco free campuses. This is mainly because the college’s staff is not adhering to the policy of the college. In addition, there are a lot of public places where smoking is not banned. This shows that there are many public areas for people to smoke. In other words there is no serious policy, which forbid people from smoking. This made people consider smoking as normal thing in the society. Some people argue that smoking gives happiness and it contains the chemicals that can relax the brain of human beings. It is known that out of many ingredients in tobacco, some of them may relax the smoker, but the main thing that one should consider is the effect of cigarette. According to American Lung Association (2015), cigarettes contain approximately 600 ingredients. When burned, they creates more than 7000 chemicals at least 69 of these chemicals are reasons for cancer disease, and many are poisonous. Smoking should be prohibited everywhere because it affects the environment, the smoker, and also the people near cigarette who breathe the smoke.
The first disadvantage of smoking cigarettes is environmental pollution. When we take a closer look at the sidewalks, road ways,…

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