Essay about Tobacco Ban On Tobacco Advertising

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Tobacco has been around for generations. Tobacco also can cause serious health issues to every day users, but also to those breathing in the smoke around them. Advertising tobacco products has its pros and cons among the public, but managers have to face how to present these products to their customers in the best way possible. There are many who are in favor of the ban on tobacco advertising in India. The biggest argument for those in favor of the ban are looking at the “overall interest of the citizens” (Government of India, 2001). A big issue citizens had with tobacco companies was that the companies were targeting their advertisements towards children and teenagers. A good example of this was with Camel cigarettes and their mascot, Joe Carmel – the animated camel. The animation caught children’s attentions, and once old enough, they could understand the meaning behind the animations. This could eventually cause a child or teen to eventually want to try a cigarette. According to the Government of India, the Department of Health did a bit of their own investigation on the ban of advertising tobacco products. They noticed a fall in smoking – after banning the advertisements, and the “consumption of cigarettes had dropped between 14 and 37%” (Government of India, 2001). Banning the advertising of tobacco products would help the overall health issues of citizens smoking every day, as well as, the second-hand smokers, but it would also help kids who are underage to…

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