Essay on Tobacco And Its Effects On Society

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Tobacco has recently been monitored closer in the past decade than ever before. New laws and regulations have been made such as where people can smoke and what goes into cigarettes. The reason for the government regulating these tobacco products are because we are learning just how dangerous it can be. In the last fifty years health risks from tobacco has been on the rise. Tobacco is linked to many diseases, and cancers, and can have harmful long-term effects on people’s health. In the book Merchants of Doubt, Oreskes and Conway even mention how secondhand smoke is a hazardous to peoples health that do not even smoke, and how the government needs to regulate that part of tobacco smoke too. (Oreskes & Conway, 2010) The evidence to how harmful tobacco smoke can be is out there some people just choose not to listen or simply think these dangers will not happen to them. Tobacco counts for every one in five deaths in the United States, which adds up to be about 480,000 lives. This number is astounding, as it accounts for more people than HIV, illicit drugs, alcohol, motor vehicle injuries, and firearm accidents combined. If that does not put it into proportion tobacco has took ten times the lives of more people in the United States than in all the wars fought by our country. Even if death does not occur from tobacco smoke the health of a smoker is still poor and this can lead to increased work absences, and raise the cost of healthcare for an individual. There are many people…

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