Tobacco Advertising Should Be Banned Essay

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According to “Ban on Tobacco Ads by the Government of India” (

/free%20resources/casestudies/ban-tobacco-ads11.htm) India in Feb 2001, following suite after

France, Finland and Norway, threatened to ban the advertising of cigarettes and the sponsoring of

sports and cultural events. The Supreme Court of Appeal in Belgium in 1981 and the French

Constitutional Council in 1991 supported banning advertising of tobacco products. The World Health

Organization projected 10 million deaths from tobacco smoking by 2030. Tobacco companies fully

intended targeting teens and young people to replenish the older people dying of smoking-related

illnesses. They did this by making smoking look fun, having cartoon characters
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The Supreme Court of Canada agreed, “The State seeks to control the thought, beliefs and behavior of its citizens along the line it considers acceptable. This form of paternalism is unacceptable in a free and democratic society”. Further argument includes that idea that if it is legal to manufacture and sell these products, then it should be legal to advertise them. Manufacturers insist that advertising is in existence to inform existing smokers about their choices and to affect market share, not to affect nonsmokers or to entice them to try smoking. Pertaining to the ban in India, there was concern that since the ban was specific to cigarettes, and did not include other smoking related items, that it would actually hurt the Indian people, as they might continue smoking less refined products. Additionally, since the ban could only cover the advertising in India, by Indian companies, the advertising from foreign markets would make the ban ineffective and put the Indian industry at a disadvantage. There was also concern that this could impact India on a global market, as they were the third largest tobacco maker. Concern was expressed over the potential for the displacement of workers. The cost of increased healthcare, due …show more content…
This does not only apply to tobacco related products, in my opinion. I would include banning advertising on alcohol, guns and prescription drugs. Primarily, my reasoning for these bans are because the products, in general, have a detrimental effect on the health of the public. Further, the second-hand effects of the use of these products can be lethal. I include prescription drugs in the category not because of the detrimental effects on public health, although there are cases in which that is true. I include prescription drugs not because of the second-hand effects. I include prescription drugs because, at least in the United States, it seems that diseases are created in order to create a market for prescription drugs. People walk around now with the belief that they have this new disease and need this new drug because advertising tells them that if they have these symptoms, they should talk to their doctor about taking this new drug. People should talk to their doctors about symptoms that they are having, not cures for what they think they are having. I would like to see a ban on advertising for pharmaceuticals because I do not think it is in the best interest of the public health, and, I am tired of hearing about vaginal yeast infections, erectile dysfunction and a myriad of other symptoms which are less than savory for public conversation, or dinner conversation, as I often eat in front of the

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