Tobacco Advertising Ban India The Government Of India Essay

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Tobacco advertising ban in India The government of India argues that it had tabled the ban in order to protect youngsters. It wanted to protect the youngsters from smoking. The government also wanted to gain more powers to prevent tobacco smoking officially. The ban was not out of the ordinary as other countries had also effected this, successfully. (2001) It was generally felt that the government had its citizens at heart and therefore should interfere for their sake and well being. They gave examples of other hard drugs that were officially banned the world over. (2001) They cited rising tobacco related deaths as an example of why the government wanted to intervene , according to World Health Organisation figures. The government feared that children were being indirectly being forced to smoke through advertising of tobacco products. They would end up trying to smoke and become addicted, and end up smoking for life., making the industry to benefit. They cited a Us court case in which it was held that colourful advertising attracted children to smoke and should not be allowed. (2001) The analysts felt that cigarette revenue was much lower than the costs of providing healthcare. It was felt that the tobacco users eventually fell sick and it was up to the government to take care of them. The money form cigarettes was lees than that of having to take care of sick people. (2001) Studies showed that ways…

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