To What Extent Was The Nazis Implemented A Fascist Regime During Germany Between 1933-1939?

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'Asses the extent to which the Nazis implemented a fascist regime in Germany between 1933-1939. '

Fascism is a political term used to describe the nature of four right wing authoritarian political systems which emerged in Italy, Spain, Germany and Japan in the decade prior to World War Two. The term fascism is derived from the Latin 'fasci ' a symbol of authority in Ancient Rome, applying to the defining feature of loyalty towards authority within a fascist government. Whilst each expression of fascism was unique, there were distinct commonalities. Each fascist regime was; nationalistic (veneration of the state), dictatorial (following a strong central leader) and militaristic (having an advanced, significant and technologically superior military) and all were considered to express the far right of the political spectrum.

During the period of 1933-1939, Germany underwent a rapid transformation from a recently established democracy to a fundamentally fascist state under the rule of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party. Due to the economic hardship and political instability brought about by the 'Treaty of Versailles ' and the ensuing Great Depression, the German people were increasingly desperate and impressionable, thus fascism was greatly supported as it offered a sense of order and stability within a time wherein both were lacking. The severity to which such a fascist regime was incorporated into German society is especially reflected within the control of the German youth…

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