To What Extent Was Charles 1st Responsible for Causing the Civil War in 1642?

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Charles 1st was reasonable to an extent, but not fully. Parliament was also to blame, but less so than Charles. Charles had a bad relationship with Parliament from the beginning, resulting in conflict between them. He believed in Divine Right of King, something that his father also believed in. Divine Right of King means that you were chosen to be King by God; therefore, God is on your side. Charles also shut down Parliament a number of times, and ruled without Parliament for a number of years. He took money from the people of his country without Parliament’s permission and he introduced taxes without Parliament’s permission. He started to make bigger changes to the Church, he gave the Scots a new Prayer book, and he made them use it. …show more content…
Another thing that triggered off the Civil War is when the Irish rebelled. Catholics had risen up to their Protestant rulers. Two hundred thousand Protestants were murdered. Most people saw it as the first step to make England a Catholic country.

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