To What Extent The Zionism Movement Is Responsible For The Present Conflict Between Israel And Palestine

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The extent to which the zionism movement is responsible for the present conflict between Israel and Palestine is significant. Zionism is a historic movement which centres around the desire for Jewish independence and a secure homeland in Zion. Palestine is where the land of Zion is located, also known as Jerusalem (Aviv and Shneer, New Jews, pp.4). The period before the zionism movement, the factors that contributed to the emergence of zionism and the aims of the movement have all been crucial in the development of the Israeli and Palestinian conflict in the Holy Land.

Jews were without a homeland for a significant amount of time but there was still a sense of faith during this period. Many Jewish families persisted with their religion and felt pride and comfort in prayer, their place of worship and the small jewish community surrounding them (Avineri, “The Roots of Zionism”, 46-61). The eradication of the first temple in 586 B.C.E and the Babylonian exile had taught Jews valuable lessons for surviving a diaspora. It was vital to maintain a connection with Zion despite settling in new communities (Aviv and Shneer, New Jews, pp.4). In the middle of the 19th century 7.5 million jews (the majority of the population) were situated in eastern Europe, especially Poland and Russia. Constant shifting between countries led to this concentration of Jews in eastern Europe. The relocations were due to anti-sematic views which were practiced on a global scale. Prejudices regarding…

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