Essay on To What Extent Should Public College Education Be Free?

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To what extent should public college education be free?

Education plays an extremely large role in American contemporary society; parents put their kids education before almost anything. However, when education starts to cost parents a small fortune, they start to reconsider if it’s really worth it. Although it is extremely important for people to be educated, it would be an impossible feat to have everyone go to college free; however it is imperative to make education free until college.

The main reason students decide to go to college is to get a “good job” and make a lot of money. According to the writers of, kids who go to college make about $1,100 a week where the worker with just a diploma makes a mere $638 a week. If you look at those numbers on a yearly salary, the person with the college education is making about $24,000 more than the person with just the diploma. These numbers sound like a good incentive for people to get a college education, but for some
Currie 2 people they simply can’t afford it. According to, the yearly cost for an in-state college is about $9,000 and about $23,000 for an out-of-state college. Considering the average American family only makes about 50 thousand dollars a year, that can mean some colleges want half of a family’s yearly income! The even crazier thing is that students have to add an additional $15,000 on top of tuition each year for books and housing. These kind of stats make Americans raise…

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