Essay about To What Extent Had Democracy Been Achieved? Britain?

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To what extent had democracy been achieved in Britain by 1900?
For any country to be called democratic, certain conditions have to exist. First of all, universal suffrage has to exist which provides fairness and equality ensuring that members of every social class has the right to vote. Democracy as Abraham Lincoln said is, “the government of the people, by the people, for the people”. By 1900 many acts had been put in place which helped Britain to achieve Democracy. The acts gave better off working class men who lived in the countryside the right to vote on the same terms as the boroughs. However by 1900 social and economic factors still contributed to Britain not becoming fully democratic until later in the 20th century. As in the 1900s only two out of three men could vote and still no women. In 1900 other features of a democracy were created such as making elections fairer and less corrupt by the introduction of the Secret Ballot. Now that many of the countries’ male population had the right to vote, attempts were made to make constituencies more equal and reflective of the distribution of the population. Furthermore, legislation was passed to make those elected more representatives of the voters, as it should be possible for people from all backgrounds to become MPs and parliament should be accountable to the voters. Although it is clear that Britain had taken steps to improve democracy it was also clear that there was no radical change as the power in the 1900s still…

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