Essay on To What Extent Do Iq Tests Effectively Measure Intelligence?

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To What Extent do IQ Tests Effectively Measure Intelligence?
Albert Einstein, a famous theoretical physicist, once said that “the true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination.” While scholastic aptitude can play a large role in determining one’s intelligence, creativity is also a major factor. IQ tests, or intelligence quotient tests, are supposed to measure intelligence, but due to their ability to measure creativity, their accuracy is highly debated. According to Dan Hurley, award-winning science journalist, “20 to 50 percent of the variation in IQ is due to other factors, whether social, school or family-based” (Hurley 10). Due to this massive variation, IQ tests can often produce biased or flawed results. The inaccuracy of the IQ test is further proved by Dean Simonton, who stated that “eight creative geniuses have IQs below the ‘genius threshold’ of 140” (Simonton 18). These geniuses were extremely intelligent and contributed greatly to various scientific, political, and artistic fields during their lifetime, yet their IQ scores do not classify them as geniuses. This is due to the bias present in IQ tests, which causes inaccurate results that don’t effectively determine the intelligence of participants. This problem leads to the question: “To what extent do IQ tests effectively measure intelligence?” Some may argue that nonverbal IQ tests are also available and that these tests more accurately judge intelligence. However, similar accuracy…

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