To What Extent Did America Experienced Great Advancements And Developments During The 1980? S And Beyond Would Be An Understatement

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To say that America experienced great advancements and developments in the 1980?s and beyond would be an understatement. Many of the things that happened during this time period have helped shape the America that we know and see today. It is because of these advancements and developments that we are able to experience such a high level of globalization, free markets, and neoliberal economic policies; if these changes had not taken place, we would be living in an entirely different country than the one we are today. In order to understand how the changes of the 1980?s came about and led to the reshaping of American history, it is important to first look at the events leading up to this period, especially those in the 1960?s and 1970?s. During these years, there was a great pressure towards making America conservative. Out of the entire American population, only about fifty percent were voting; because of this, the men who were elected to lead America secured their seat in office by just a few percentage points. America was changing, but with such a large portion of the country unhappy with its leaders how was any real change expected to take root? Lyndon B. Johnson was one of the men responsible for these great changes. Although he faced many criticisms during his presidency, namely the fact that he unsuccessfully tried to fight a three-front war, he nonetheless set the foundation for a move into the next generation of American history: a time of globalization, free market,…

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