To What Extent Are Pressure Groups Good for Democracy Essay

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Pressure groups are formal (Insider) and informal (Outsider) associations whose goals are to further the interests of a specific section of the society to promote a particular cause by influencing the decisions of the government. An insider group is a pressure group which is very involved in the decision making of policies e.g. Cancer Research UK. An outsider group is a pressure who is not associated with decision making as they like to assert their independence and lack political clout e.g. Greenpeace. However there are some outsider groups that want to be affiliated and become an insider, but they have not yet been asked by the government e.g. Association of British Drivers. These groups are also known as “Aspiring Insiders”. These …show more content…
Pressure groups are very representative. They present many and different ideas to those who govern. This applies to both who have an active and passive involvement. Pressure groups have different means to which they represent their members for example the Automobile Association, they represent motorists and they will look to get a legislation on the interests on motorists such as Congestion charges, insurances etc. There will always be a pressure that represents anything such as hospital workers, birdwatchers, holiday makers; there is literally someone that will represent you. You can be actively involved so you know what issues are being addressed or you can be passively represented where you are still represented by don’t know what topics or issues are being affected or being debated so you are still receiving the benefits. This is a good thing as everyone as a whole is being accepted and a broad range of people’s rights are being considered including minorities. This is very democratic as everyone is accounted for and everyone’s interest are represented in decision making whether you are involved or inactive.
Pressure groups disperse power. This is defined as pluralism, as they spread power more evenly and widely. You can even call this as an enhancement of democracy as most have commented

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