To Teachers By Rabindranath Tagore

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My Version of School Educational System The main goal in our school is to give the power to our students decide upon what direction they choose to go toward their education careers. As well, we create an environment that allows students to be liberal to explore into vary subjects that may intrigue their interests with support and love from our school. Additionally, we fit the needs and wants for our students from what aspects they want to learn in particular subjects. In our school education system, we are strongly disagree upon countries that are fixated on students studying for the standardized test which only focus on the needs and wants from school and care little for the students’ educational careers. The school system that we structured to be the one adapting the demands of the children and not the other way around; therefore, the students will reach their full potential by thriving on what their decisions are the most essential parts to learn within the classes. In the article, “To Teachers,” by Rabindranath Tagore, he describes a school as the education factory which he states: In this critical period, the child’s life is subjected to the education factory, life-less, colorless, dissociated from the context of the universe, within bare white walls …show more content…
With that reason, we abolished the teaching practices of discipline within our school; in order to replace with more acceptable methods. For example, the teachers and students are being treated as equals when they have the responsibility of making decisions as democracy system on what they want to learn within the subjects and meetings that will determine the future of their education; so, the students are gaining independent and social skills by being a part of meetings and voting as a

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