To Pleasure a Prince Essay

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To Pleasure A Prince by Sabrina Jeffries is very close to being a wallbanger for me because the hero in this book is truly hard to tolerate and the heroine's "growing affection" for him comes off like increasing desperation on her part to emulate her martyr-prone romance heroine sisters. On one hand, I try to be patient with this book. I've read bad boy heroes who push the limits of acceptable behavior, enjoy these books, and there's that. But Marcus North isn't a bad boy as much as he comes off like a snarling caricature, the illegitimate son of the Tasmanian Devil and Wild E Coyote, with absolutely no redeeming feature whatsoever where I am concerned to commend him to anyone other than women who write love letters to men on the death …show more content…
That fact that she is doesn't matter to Marcus, all that matters now is that he knows he is right and one day Louisa will get hurt. This is why, when he descends to town, he humiliates both Louisa and Regina publicly - mind you, in front of everyone - because he is right and people suck. It never occurs to him that people probably can't stand him because he is a complete asshole devoid of manners. Seriously, it's not as if he doesn't know what utensils to use or anything - he's worse than that. For someone so concerned with Louisa's reputation, he is her biggest enemy. But of course, Marcus knows he is right, people suck, yadda yadda, so he just keeps on doing what he is doing.
His treatment of Regina is beyond the pale, alternating between pawing her forcefully and, when he's done having his fun, cruelly ripping her pride to shreds. Why? Because Regina is One of Those People, doncha know. People suck. The whole world is out to get Marcus. His father sucked. His mother sucked. Boo-hoo-hoo! So when people are aghast at his horrific behavior in public, that's just proof that he's right and people do suck.
Regina is an intelligent heroine. Her insecurities ring real. However, the author has Regina already scrambling to find any excuse to keep letting Marcus treat her like dirt. Regina holds on to any flimsy evidence that Marcus has some real "goodness" inside him. She lets her family obligation and insecurities force her to keep playing

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