To My Dear And Loving Husband Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… In the “Story of an Hour”, the husband, Brently Mallard, is still a good man to Louise because “he never looks upon her with anything but love” (12). However, despite the fact that Louise knows that her husband loves her, the sense of his domination makes it difficult for her to feel any love. She can merely attest to an occasional feeling of affection: “And yet she loved him, sometimes” (15). In “To my Dear and Loving Husband”, a love poem, dedicated to her husband, “Anne conveys how much she loves her husband, and that she values her love of her husband more than money; more than anything anyone can imagine” (5-6) .

Both authors both use literary concepts to make their writings easier to understand and
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One man disallows his wife to unable to make her own life decisions; the other stands by his wife with unconditional love. In Louise’s case, she experiences real freedom during the absence of her husband’s domination. Even if it was a short hour, it was the time when all her dreams came true. I believe that Mrs. Mallard’s death was not only because she was shocked to see her husband, but because she was sad about the loss of her new-found freedom. In Anne’s case, she is enjoying her relationship with her husband, as her husband is the kind of man that treasures his wife. The story and poem both discuss love. The poem tells us that some people view love so strongly, that they truly believe in eternal love, that their love will continue even after they die. In the story, the husband and wife do not have enough love between one another: one is giving and the other is taking. Therefore that kind of love does not last eternally. It is the love demonstrated in “To my Dear and Loving Husband” that is the cornerstone for every marriage; true love operates both

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