To Kill a Mockingbird Essay examples

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To Kill A Mockingbird Essay
Reading broadens our minds and touches our hearts. It creates greater understanding and compassion in the reader through its characters and themes. Write an essay that addresses the ideas expressed in this statement with reference to your class novel.

“You never really understand a person, until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.” With over 30 million copies sold worldwide and claiming title to the prestigious Pulitzer Prize, “To Kill a Mockingbird” is a classic novel written by Harper Lee that not only excites and educates the reader but ultimately encourages them to re-evaluate their preconceptions and learn to denote an emotional understanding of another's feelings or problems by putting
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That’s why it is a sin to kill a Mockingbird.” The symbolism of Tom Robinson as a human mockingbird illustrates how although he had not harmed anyone he fell victim to the racist nature of society. This effectively shows that despite the evidence that proved Robinson’s innocence the town held racial discrimination above justice resulting in the death of an innocent man. Through its decision the town killed a mockingbird. Hence, through the result of the court case the repercussions of racism are presented to the reader encouraging them to look beyond a person’s skin in their everyday life.

Furthermore, many of the characters in To Kill A Mockingbird embody deceptive appearances and are not what others portray them to be. This is evident in the character of Boo Radley who was thought to be a reclusive madman because of a mistake he made in the past and his shy and introvert personality, “Boo drove the scissors into his parent’s leg... and resumed his activities.” Due to the fact that no one had seen Boo it was easy to spread rumours about him and therefore neighbourhood gossip turned him into a monster that the entire town feared. This stereotypical view is contradicted when Boo risked his own life to save the children. The use of contrast in Boo’s

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