Essay on To Kill a Mockingbird Play Review

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To Kill a Mockingbird Review


On the 28th April 2011, I went to see a professional production of To Kill a Mockingbird written by Harper Lee at the 'Blackpool Grand Theatre'. The novel To Kill a Mockingbird is set in 1935 in Alabama, a story about innocence, knowledge, prejudice and courage. In the beginning the main character, Scout, starts out to be a very immature child not knowing the prejudice times around her, as the story goes on she gains knowledge of these times by fellow kids around her accusing her dad of being a "nigger lover" which then was an insult. Her father was being courageous of a black man being falsely accused of raping a white girl. Her father, Atticus, is a criminal defence attorney only
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However the film was over-used and by the end it was predictable and it didn't have the same effect. Also, I think that the use of film should have been rehearsed more effectively, as the film and the action on stage were not in sync and it ruined and distracted the audience from the important moment in the play. I think a technique, or a use of media should enhance the performance rather than distract from the action. Overall, I think that the director did a good job with this play, and he definitely made it his own, but I also believe that he over used certain aspects of the performance, such as the use of film.


A performance can have the best director, design and venue, but a show will be nothing unless it has skilled actors that can carry the story and provide an entertaining experience for an audience. This show had exactly that. The actors combined perfectly with the set changes, and were very believable in there reactions. They really gave the audience the chance to empathise and develop a connection with the characters, this was very important for me as what is the theatre without the opportunity to really believe you are in another world. They did this in a variety of ways throughout the performance. At certain points in the play the actors spoke directly to the audience and

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