How To Write A Brief Summary Of To Kill A Mockingbird

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To Kill a Mockingbird starts out in the small town known as Maycomb. This story is mainly about the “usual disease” that seems to have infected most living there and the result of prejudice and injustice due to racism. It begins with Jem and Scout still in their childhood, and their adventures in Maycomb. They focus on Boo Radley and the scary tales about him. Their friend Dill motivates them to try and get Boo to come out of his house. The novel shifts to Tom Robinson’s trial. Jem and Scout’s father takes on the hard trial hoping to help this innocent man. Tom is a black man accused of raping a white women, but the women’s facts don’t add up. During the trial you see that Tom is an innocent man but the jury and all of Maycomb declares him guilty. He shortly dies trying to escape his unfair fate. The town forgets about the trial as time passes and gets back to normal. But one night the kids are walking home when they get attacked by a dark figure. Boo comes to save the kids from their brutal attacker and takes them home. The man accusing Tom was the same man who attacked Jem and Scout. Boo set things straight with him being dead after the attack. …show more content…
Maycomb was your average little racist southern town and growing up there as a white child would probably have you grow up to be prejudice like the older folks living there, but with the help and guidance of their father Atticus they seem to be on the right track. Atticus teaches key lessons throughout the story, always thinking of what is best for the kids. They learn valuable lessons like treating everyone the same no matter their social status, a hero is not someone with a gun but someone that dies with dignity, and killing a mockingbird is sin. These are significant moments that have helped raise the kids to becoming good

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