To Kill A Mockingbird Loss Of Innocence Essay

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Loss Of Innocence
Swinging in the back yard waiting for the clock to strike 5, sits a young child old enough to wonder why the mockingbird sings every morning. Jean Louise, also known as Scout, becomes a young women throughout the novel To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Scout faces many obstacles, such as a brother growing up, a court case that takes a toll on the family, and learning that there are different life styles in the town of Maycomb. Scout, her brother Jem, and Dill have one goal for the first summer, make Boo Radley come out. But as the summers come and go, they realize they won’t get anywhere with Boo Radley and the court case fills their summer now. The ladies in the neighborhood only want Scout to be a polite young lady,
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One Sunday when Calpurina takes the children to the colored church Scout thinks it is going to be just like her normal day at church. But when she walks in and finds all eyes on her, and no hymn books, she starts to wonder why everything is so different. Scout’s next encounter happens when Mr. Cunningham comes to her house one morning and delivers hickory to repay Mr. Finch for the legal work he did for him. When Mr. Cunningham insist for Scout not to retreat Atticus, he feels embarrassed when Atticus thanks him for the gift. Scout truly realizes the difference when she invites the youngest Cunningham to lunch one day and he devours everything that Calpurnia puts in front of him. Later that night Scout asks Atticus why he was so hungry at lunch, and he explains that the meal he had at lunch may be one of the nicest meals he had had in a while. Scout has to understand that she will not be young forever, as she has gotten older the routine of things most likely have changed. Jem is a growing boy. In a section of the novel Jem is going through puberty. He has to make some life decisions. Scout has understood that by her giving him space has given them a tighter bond in their brother sister relationship. When Scout and Jem find one summer that Dill has not shown up Scout is …show more content…
She believed Tom Roberson would win because her father was his lawyer. Throughout the trial Jem undermined Scout. Over the months that Atticus had prepared for this, and the tea times with Aunt Alexandra, Scout had been there through it all, learning everything about the trial. Scout also knew that the trial could be beneficial to the family, no matter the outcome. Over the summers Jem, Scout, and Dill wanted Boo Radley to come out more than anything. After the trial Scout started to think more of Boo Radley. Boo didn’t have any place to go during the day, he was perfectly fine in his house and did not want to be bothered. Of course Boo would come out night because that is what interested him. He was never doing any harm to anyone. Scout knew this all along. When Aunt Alexandra comes to live with the Finch’s, her and Scout do not get along at first. For the first couple days Scout learns Aunt Alexandra’s boundaries, and her likes and dislikes. Over time the two learn how to love each other and become closer as a family. In conclusion, growing up consists of fully gaining wisdom and getting a better look at life.
As the clock strikes 5, Jem and Scout run to meet Atticus at the corner. By the end of the novel Scout is a well brought up young lady. She has gained the wisdom to understand how to overcome

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