To Kill A Mockingbird Lesson Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… The second lesson in the book is that you don’t kill mockingbird this lessons this lesson has a literal meaning. When Atticus gives the air rifles they’re allowed to shoot out whatever they want expert mockingbird because mockingbirds don’t eat anyone’s plants or harm …show more content…
All they do is make music mockingbird has a metaphorical meaning to anyone who is weaker defenseless to kill a mockingbird in that sense is to take advantage of someone weaker than you the second phase in the book. The third lesson of book is keep fighting even if you know you’ll lose. This part of the book involves Tom Robinson. He’s a black man who’s been arrested and charged with raping a white women named Mayella Ewell. Attuics finch has been appointed as his defense attorney and he’s determined to do a good job at it even though he’s going to lose because the racism everybody in the town is racist to one degree or another and Scout and Jem wind up getting teased and talked about because their fathers is defending a black man for a crime like that. Attics doesn’t want them to fight the other kids but to try to keep calm keep their head up in the face of adversity. He wants to teach them the lesson that true bravery is when you keep fighting and persevering even when you know you can’t win one evening. When the trial started scout and Jem went to court house to watch. Atticus does a job with his defense and the children think he’s going to win for one thing Mayella the victim and father Bob Ewell and the other witness for the prosecution are both obnoxious and don’t seem very

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