To Kill A Mockingbird Essays: Chapters

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This research essay is on the chapters 19-31 of To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

CHAPTERS 19-22 Chapters 19-22, It is finally Tom’s turn to testify. He explains to the people in the court that Mayella often asked him to help her and it was her who tried to seduce him that day in the house. Link Deas tries to defend Tom and is kicked out of the court room. The prosecutor is rude to Tom and this makes Dill very upset and he begins to cry, and the kids complain about the rude questioning of Tom Robinson and how they feel he is being mistreated. As they were walking home they ran into Mr. Dolphus Raymond. This is an important part of the book to me personally; ““Wh—oh yes, you mean why do I pretend? Well, it’s very simple,” he said. “Some folks don’t—like the way I live. Now I could say the
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Ewell wanted revenge. Tom Robinson was sent to a prison far away waiting for his appeal, but trys to escape while he is there and is killed. Mr. Underwood said that Tom’s death was murder of an innocent man. Atticus has to tell Tom’s wife and Bob Ewell is heard to say something that threatens the life of Atticus and Tom’s wife. Scout and Jem are in school and they are thinking very hard about the trial and what has happened to Maycomb because of it. Aunt Alexandra tries to make Scout more ladylike with her social gatherings at the house and makes Scout wear a dress. They are also afraid of the things that Bob Ewell is saying about Atticus and are scared that Bob Ewell will try to harm them. Atticus has to reassure Scout and Jem that Bob Ewell will not harm him. As School continues Jem and Scout still look upon the Radley place and Scout wishes that she could see Boo. Scout also contemplates the relation of Hitler to the treatment of colored people, or we at least

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