To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter 6 Analysis

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Chapter five starts up with Rorschach paying Moloch another visit and keeps asking about the cancer issue but he doesn't figure anything out. When Rorschach does this it really shows his respect towards Mr. Manhattan by him doing this. When they are doing things like this for each other it really shows the strong bond between all the superheroes. Later Rorschach sees Dan and Laurie eating together at a diner. Later he goes to Moloch’s apartment to see what happened to the guy that just got murdered. While he’s at the apartment the NYPD comes in and arrests innocent Rorschach. He ends up getting framed by the police. Him getting framed is just another example in this book on how the superheroes are suffering and getting put under. I strongly feel that the Police was tired of Rorschach getting into their investigations so they just wanted to take care of him by doing this. In chapter six it starts off by Rorschach getting captured and going to prison. Walter Kovacs (Rorschach) has been catching many criminals for doing bad things which has pissed off the criminals and the NYPD. This will be really interesting in prison because some of these criminals may be there and seek revenge on Rorschach.
Chapter seven starts with Laurie wondering around in Dan's workshop while he’s doing something in the
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This part shows how close Dan and Laurie are becoming and how she is finding someone else since Jon is gone. The next night Dan and Laurie choose to rescue Walter Kovacs from the prison and take him back to Dan’s place. This really shows how Dan is needing and/or wanting the whole superhero group back together again to see what's actually going on to solve what ever issue is happening. When they get home Mr. Manhattan shows up to take Laurie with him back to Mars which he does. This really signals that Jon is proud of what he sees on Mars and wants to show it to

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