To Kill A Mockingbird Change Analysis

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Practically all authors include the theme of change in their novels. Change is an essential event that fundamentally affects the characters of a story. The changes that the characters face often reform the way they view events that take place around them. Change strengthens the relationships of a character, thus highlights the character’s role/impact on the story’s main idea. The novels, To Kill a Mockingbird, Lord of the Flies and “The Scarlet Ibis” all emphasize the importance of change.
In the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, Scout recalls the events that took place during her childhood. She talks about the case of Tom Robinson and the many adventures she had with her friend Dill and her brother Jeremy. Scout went through the most change
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Ralph was the first character that was introduced to readers. He was described as a tall, fair headed boy who sought for law and order on the island. Ralph underwent many changes throughout the novel. The first major change that he underwent was taking matters on the island seriously. At first he thought that life on the island was going to be an adventure, but after he was voted chief, he took matters more seriously because that was the only way to ensure rescue. Although he became more responsible at the beginning, as the novel progressed, he lost hope after the deaths of Simon and Piggy. As a result of this he cried for the loss of innocence at the end of the novel. Jack underwent the most change in the novel. He went from being the respectful leader of the choir boys to a cruel leader. He was the first one to succumb to his inner darkness and descend into savagery. His change was evident when he ignored Piggy’s death and set out to kill Ralph. At the end of the novel, most of the boys also became savages. By brutally killing Simon and Piggy, the boys’ transformation to savagery was complete. Change is important in Lord of the Flies because it conveys the true nature of evil that exists in all human

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