To Evaluate the Difference in the Level of Discrimination Towards People Who Have Received Psychiatric Treatment; Before and After Watching an Intervention Video

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To evaluate the difference in the level of discrimination towards people who have received psychiatric treatment; before and after watching an intervention video.
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Background: Existing literature provides that intervention methods play a significant role in reducing the level of discrimination against people who have been treated for mental conditions. The study hypothesized that the level of discrimination would diminish after administration of a personal experience video of hearing voices.
Method: A sample N=161 was used where participants filled in questionnaires regarding their behaviour against people who have been previously mentally ill. The questionnaires were filled
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Moreover, people with mental illnesses are treated with much contempt before the intervention is applied. Corrigan, Kerr and Knudsen (2005), recommended that the interventions should be implemented to all mental patients so that they can restore a positive perception among the people. A study on building resilience among all patients noted that intervention methods work significantly on rebuilding the relationship between the patients and the people (Gillespie, Chaboyer & Wallis, 2007). The study showed that the methods provided a foundation for patient’s to restore his or her attitude. The research presented recommendation that nurses could use to make sure they build resilience among the mental patients. Another independent study showed that prejudice against people previously treated for mental illness tended to develop a stereotype against the general public (Rüsch, Angermeyer & Corrigan, 2005). The study proved that people who had received psychiatric treatment tended to have negative feelings towards other people. A study by Thornicroft, Rose and Kassam (2007) proved that most medical officers discriminated against people who have previously suffered from mental illness. The study also indicated that most doctors were against treating people who had previously received psychiatric therapy. The current study investigated the discrimination levels among the mental patients before and after watching an intervention video. The research

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