To Belong Not Necessarily to Identify Essay

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In our social life, each person has one’s own roles and responsibilities, attitudes and values. Since every individual is unique and distinct compared to one another, these elements that construct our individuality are not always similar. Similarities and reflection of our values make us belong to a group, but the differences are barriers that stop ourselves from being recognized as an indivisible part of it. Belonging and identity are inseparable; nonetheless, there are distinctions that create a world of difference between the two. Belonging is not only about to whom we incorporate ourselves the way we perceive it, but also how others recognize our relationship with that group.
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For that reason, Meryl is supposedly a “good mother” on the surface, but inside her, she is fully aware (or so she thinks) that she is not. In short, someone can technically be regarded as a member of a tribe, a refusal to belong however, can disconnect the real bond of relationship between an individual and a party.

Since we are communal beings, others’ perceptions towards one’s belonging and relationship with a group are not of insignificant importance. It is relevant even when somebody doesn’t feel that one belongs to a particular tribe, but is fulfilling the expectation that come together with the relationship. Motives behind our relationship may not be immediately obvious, but when we meet the expectation, others will judge who we belong to. Belonging is a part of our daily lives. Our approach creates an impression of our identity; who we are. From identity, comes a role and expectations that exist to be fulfilled. Expectations and role generate responsibilities, and they are integral parts of one’s identity. When one’s responsibilities that come following a role are fulfilled, then a person and one’s role fuse into a single entity creating an identity. After having played certain role in the society, the tribe to which one does belong to is determined by the society. This condition applies even when a person doesn’t feel associating to the

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