To Be True to Yourself in a World That Is Constantly Making You Something Else Is a Great Achievement

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To be true to yourself in a world that is constantly making you something else is a great achievement
All of us possess qualities that differentiate us from other human beings. These distinguishing features could be more or less highlighted in appearance, mindset or capabilities, but they will always persist and determine the nature of our personality. Unfortunately these characteristic attributes are deteriorating as humanity is moulding us into the “perfect person” influencing us to stray away from who we are (our so called “insignificant” selves) to what is desirable (a flawless model). Staying true to yourself means to stick to what you believe in and being whom you were meant to be, it means not sacrificing who you are to fit in with
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According to American Social Psychologist Wendy Treynor’s original "identity shift effect" hypothesis, “One's state of harmony is disrupted when faced with the threat of external conflict for failing to conform to a group standard. Thus, one conforms to the group standard, but as soon as one does, eliminating this external conflict, internal conflict is introduced . To rid oneself of this internal conflict, an "identity shift" is undertaken, where one adopts the group's standards as one's own, thereby eliminating internal conflict, returning one once again to a state of harmony. Even though the peer pressure process begins and ends with one in a state of harmony, as a result of conflict and the conflict resolution process, one leaves with a new identity—a new set of internalized standards.” As everyone within the friendship group aim to please each other and wear the new fashion trends, they lose any form of eccentricity and appear as replicates rather than individuals. They’re all unanimous. As Simon Tong stated in Growing Up Asian in Australia, “If I couldn’t express myself, who was myself?”
Portrayals and stereotypes are what test us the most in this life. A stereotype is a thought that may be adopted about specific types of individuals or certain ways of doing things, but that belief may or may not accurately reflect reality. Such examples include women aren’t as smart as men, men are the “backbone” and women can’t do as good of

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