Analysis Of Bennett's Essay 'To Be A Man'

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To Be a Man, or Not To Be a Man, That Is the Question In the featured text The Book of Man, the author William J. Bennett, explains his opinion about what a man should be and how a man should live. According to Bennett, man’s role in today’s society is being distorted. The author claims that the lack of foundation in religion makes men become less moral than they used to be, and this may be the reason why gays flaunt their sexuality challenging traditional masculinity. Avoiding the traditional composition of family provided by religion; along with the feminist revolution and women’s empowerment means that women are replacing men in the workforce. This could be a cause of the high rate of unemployed men; furthermore, the author suggests that …show more content…
When Kimmel discusses in his essay, “Bros Before Hos”, how a man should act to get in the “Be a man” box, he classifies the gentleman’s behavior as a gay stereotype. He states that “Never listen to a thing a woman is saying, but express immediate and unquenchable sexual interest. Presto, you’re a real man, back in the “Be a Man’ box.” (467). In this part of his essay, he is speaking specifically about how certain good attitudes are perceived as gay and do not represent manhood. William Bennett would find irony in this statement because it is mainly men who have to show respect and do not take advantage of women. Bennett would think that Kimmel diminishes the role and responsibility that men have with women. Bennett’s opinion of women is not sexist; furthermore, he considers the importance of gender relationship. Bennett in his book says “men do not take advantage of women” (XXI); in addition, In his book he describes the treatment that a man should give to a woman by saying “The Fifth chapter, “Man with Women and Children,” illuminates in important ways that how a man treats a woman and how well he fathers his children constitute the essence of manhood” (XXIV). Here Bennett emphasizes the importance of how to be a gentleman is a synonym of manhood. In addition to Bennett’s disapproval of Kimmel’s opinion about men’s attitude towards women, he would also think that he is mistaken by thinking that there is only one code that could completely describe

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