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To Kill a Mocking Bird speech. For my to kill a mocking bird speech I chose to do the paradoxical commandment that says, “Give the world the best you have and you'll get kicked in the teeth. (Give the world the best you have anyway)”. I chose this one because I feel like many characters had a situation in TKAM where they may have felt this way. The examples I chose to use that really stuck out to me were Atticus and the trial; Boo Radley and his reputation; Tom Robinson and his death. Scout and her personality, Dill and not being able to get Boo out of his house, and of course African Americans and the racism in Maycomb. I think it's pretty obvious why I chose Atticus and Tom Robinson's trial. Throughout the whole book …show more content…
If I were in his shoes I would have done the same thing for the most part. Other than trying to escape the prison which cost him his life, instead I wouldn't have lost faith in Atticus so easily. My next example is Scout and her personality. To me this was a big one, because throughout the whole book she struggles with who she is. Being a tom boy wasn't easy in Maycomb and she knew that more than anyone. Mostly her aunt Alexandria pushed her to be a lady and she hated that. I think it related to the commandment I picked because no matter how hard she tried to stop her fighting tendencies and be more of a lady in her peers eyes she still got pressured into being more traditional. I think Scout should give the world her best anyways because as cliche as it sounds, you should always be yourself. If I were her I would have handled the situation in the same way just for the fact that I'm stubborn and wouldn't like someone telling me how I'm supposed to be. A minor example, is Dill and not being able to get Boo out of his house. I thought this fit the commandment because no matter how hard Dill tried with all his schemes and plans Boo would never come out. Dill should do the “anyway” portion because it gave the kids a sense of adventure and a goal. If it were me, I wouldn't have done what Dill did. Only because im old enough to realize that what they were doing wasn't very considerate to

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