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TJs Barbershop: Operations Operations are the activities involved in the day to day functions of the business conducted for the purpose of generating profits (Business Operations, 2016). These operations should be well defined, achievable and repeatable. Operations happen every day in every business and in everybody’s life, whether you are a stay at home mom or a corporate CEO. The key to running a successful business is defining your operations properly and executing them accordingly. Most people in their everyday lives don’t define their operations, they just know that they need to wake up at a certain time to be at work or they need to make breakfast for the family. These processes are not defined on paper but people know they need …show more content…
The owner of TJ’s Barber Shop has spent the majority of his military career running operations and has found the more detailed you are in your operations the easier the execution becomes. Therefore for TJ’s Barber Shop there will be an outlined daily operations schedule that will describe every necessary action that needs to take place every day to successfully run the business. This will be posted somewhere that the owner can see easily everyday but out of customer view. A recommendation is to have it laminated on the countertop where I keep my hair cutting supplies. This list will act as a checklist of activities that has to be completed every …show more content…
Weekly operations will consist of some basic re-stocking of items that have a high turnover rate. These items consist of things like shaving cream and beverages for the customers to enjoy. Other items that don’t get used as much or have longer shelve lives will be purchased quarterly. Trips to the bank to make deposits will happen on this day. There will be a small safe in the owners house dedicated to collecting daily revenue, on Wednesday mornings that money will be collected and turned into the bank. When the owner gets to the store he will gather copies of the weekly receipts and file them for storage, these will be turned into the accountant quarterly. The store will receive a thorough cleaning on Wednesdays, this includes mopping the floors, cleaning the mirrors/windows, and dusting. Lastly, Wednesday is laundry day, cleaning and re-stocking all the towels used for facial

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