Titub Salem 's Resident Witch Essay

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Tituba: Salem’s Resident Witch
The Salem Witchcraft Trials were a monumental moment in American history. The trials began in Salem in 1692 when two girls and a village slave named Tituba attempted to look into their futures (“Salem witchcraft trials” - American History). Shortly after, the village girls began to behave in a peculiar manner by crawling under things and making abnormal noises. Eventually, the girls started to screech exclaiming that they were being tortured (“Salem witchcraft trials”- World Book Advanced). Two of the three affected village girls were the daughter and niece (respectively) of a reverend in the town who urged them to name the witch responsible for their outbursts. They accused three women but the only one who ended up confessing to the crime fully was Tituba, their house slave. Tituba’s confession brought other possible witches to light which opened the door to a wave of new accusations. Due to the impact Tituba had in both the start and progression of this event in history as a result of her background, her job in the community, and her confession, she was the defining factor in the Salem Witchcraft Trials.
Tituba’s background affected the progression of the Salem Witchcraft Trials because that it is where she obtained her stories and “witch abilities”. Tituba left Barbados to live with Reverend Parris and his family when she was around twelve years of age (“Tituba 's Race - Black, Indian, Mixed?”). Due to the fact that she wasn’t born in Salem,…

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