Titration : A Lab Experiment Essay example

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Introduction: The goal of this lab was to find point where acetic acid and sulfuric acid solutions are neutralized using NaOH as a strong base, this process is known as titrating to find the endpoint. Titration is a technique designed to discover the molarity of an acid solution using a solution with a known molarity, in this experiment, NaOH was used. Titration required a color indicator to make the titration visible. In this lab, phenolphthalein was added to the solution so that the solution would turn light pink when the NaOH reached its endpoint. To find the molarity of NaOH, a solution of NaOH was created and titrated because it is not possible to determine the solid weight of NaOH because it absorbs H2O from the air in solid form. The molarity of NaOH was found by averaging the results of three separate titrations of NaOH solutions. Once the molarity of NaOH was found, a sample of acetic acid solution was created and phenolphthalein indicator was added. The acetic acid was titrated until it reached its endpoint, then the molarity of the acetic acid could be calculated since the molarity of NaOH was standardized. The same process was used to find the molarity of sulfuric acid. The main objectives of this lab was to use a buret to titrate solutions of acid to find their concentration after standardizing the molarity of the strong base used in the titration.
Procedure: The first section of the lab was to find the standardization of an NaOH solution with KHP. To begin, a…

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