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Q. Analyze the global publication industry(magazines-all genres, general) and the factors influencing it.

Ans .The global publishing market is expected to reach a worth of more than $252 billion by 2014, The publishing industry is involved in the production of magazines, newspapers and books, and encompasses general, professional and academic disciplines. The printed word is under increasing pressure from online publishing as readers turn to e-books and online resources over the print materials. Other industries in the publishing industry include mailing lists, directories, information services and journals.

Lower disposable income hampered consumer spending on books during the past five years. A transition toward digital
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Internet - Boom of internet is affected badly Global publication industry. Now when internet available in every pocket & world shrink, getting any information/ article on current issue is accessible very easily & fast. People don't need to purchase full edition to get article, subscription of any magazine / newspaper also declining rapidly.

3 . Other sources : Trends of other sources like Television, social media, mobile applications, seminars, exhibitions is increasing & organizers providing many broachers etc, which help to get more information.

Age/gender group : Age group is very important factor which influencing global publication industry. Young age group is preferring to read online & on internet, while older people still like to read in books , magazine etc. . You can see many young people reading articles while traveling in mobile or some other electronic gadget. They feel it more convenient to carry, easy to handle & hassel free.
One very interesting finding we can observe from data given in case (Table V-e), the magazine sale % declined more in case of magazine which are mainly for women & youngsters.

Cost : Cost of products available on internet is very cheap in compare to get books /magazine physically. Also there is cost hidden in

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