Essay about Title Ix : Changed My Life

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Title IX

Playing on a high school varsity has changed my life. Basketball has shifted Cannon Falls High School incredibly. My first year playing varsity basketball there was 13 girls. This year there is only nine participating. It is a difficult switch, going against the same 9 girls every day at practice, knowing their moves, it gets boring. All the girls make playing enjoyable and each person gives out the urge to go on. Feeling how women did before Title IX, with so little number I am thankful for what I have. Title IX has empowered women in many ways. Seeing, the attention women got, the characteristics, the changes in high school and college, and the effects of Title IX, it is clear how life has changed.
Female athletes that played high school sports during pre-Title IX did not get a lot of attention. The only public attention they received was when fans came to watch their games, which were very few games. Cheerleaders during this time got more attention than any other female sport.l Participating in athletics for females had one rule, They had the ability to participate and compete, but only if they did not publicize their accomplishments. Family attention wasn’t any better. Females competed in empty gyms, with only few f ans. Parents, who would come watch their sons play sports, didn’t watch their daughters. Sadly, the courts gave the most attention. Northwest Women’s Law Center, in Seattle, Washington, filed a court case in 1979, fighting that the University…

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